About us


The Veterinary Policy Research Foundation was set up by Lord Trees in 2013 to provide a legal and financial vehicle which was transparent, subject to good governance and independent of Lord Trees’ finances, with the purpose of employing an intern/researcher. It appears to be a novel if not unique initiative, at least in the House of Lords. The VPRF is a not-for-profit company registered with Companies House and is funded entirely by donations.

Aims and Objectives

In addition to providing research and administrative support to Lord Trees, it is intended that the internship provides a career development opportunity for young vets. Thus the post has been advertised for either veterinary students from year three onwards or for qualified vets.

Through the work of the intern/researcher and of Lord Trees, as a Crossbench peer and the only veterinary scientists in the House of Lords, the VPRF aims to inform, advise and revise, and perhaps initiate, UK Government and, in so far as is possible, EU legislation in matters related to Lord Trees’ areas of expertise and interest.

Currently, Lord Trees’ portfolio of interests is listed in the House of Lords and focuses on UK policy relating to agriculture, animals, food and rural affairs; education; energy and environment; health services and medicine; international development; professional regulation; science and technology; tropical medicine; and veterinary matters. Lord Trees also has an interest in policy affecting the North of England and Scotland, and Africa and the Middle East.