Brexit and Vets

Since the referendum decision on 23rd June 2016 we have been actively compiling briefing materials relating to the challenges and opportunities presented  leaving the EU. Below we have listed are a collection of documents which we consider to be helpful resources for veterinarians, parliamentarians and the media in assessing the impact of Brexit on veterinarians and on matters concerning animal health and welfare.

To add a new document to this list or to report a broken link please contact us.

We are particularly interested to receive further information on:

  • The number and proportions of non-UK EU nationals in different veterinary sectors
  • The relative UK economic size of the veterinary profession
  • The economic value of domestic and international meat trade reliant on veterinary certification

Veterinary Policy Research Foundation cropped-vprf.jpg

Brexit Impacts – Veterinary Fact File – Last updated October 2016

Brexit and Veterinary Research  – Author: Lord Trees [commentary article published online by RCVS Knowledge]

Brexit and the Veterinary Workforce – Author: Lord Trees [article published in The House magazine and made available here with permission from the Editor]

Brexit and workforce – Author: Lord Trees, Blog article published by BVA

 Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons rcvs-logo2

Key policy documents:
RCVS: Guiding principles for a post-Brexit world 

Brexit and the veterinary profession: The Facts

RCVS Knowledge: Collection of Publications of Brexit and the Veterinary Profession

RCVS statements:
Government recognises impact of Brexit on veterinary profession
RCVS and BVA sent an open letter to PM regarding Brexit and EU vets
Statement on the outcome of the EU Referendum
Frequently asked questions on the impact of the EU Referendum

 British Veterinary Association download

Key policy documents:
Brexit and the Veterinary Profession
Principles for negotiating Brexit
EU referendum and the UK veterinary profession

BVA webpage: Brexit and the Veterinary Profession

BVA press releases:
Bringing vets and VNs together for a Brexit roundtable
BVA response to Prime Minister’s Brexit Speech
Vets vital to post-Brexit success, says BVA President at BVA’s London Dinner
Vets call for tighter controls for UK/EU pet travel
BVA urges UK governments to protect the status of vets and VNs in Brexit negotiations


The House of Lords EU Select Committee is in the process of undertaking a series of inquiries examining the potential impacts of Brexit on different sectors. Relevant reports include:
Brexit: Options for Trade
Brexit: Environment and Climate Change
Brexit: Fisheries
Brexit: Agriculture (ongoing)

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Research briefings:
Animal welfare standards in farming after the UK leaves the EU – 19 January 2017
Live animal exports within the European Union – 06 January 2017
Brexit: impact across policy areas – 26 August 2016


Review of the Balance of Competences between the United Kingdom and the European Union Animal Health and Welfare and Food Safety Report

White Paper setting out UK Government’s 12 principles guiding EU Exit – Feb 2017

Government’s 25 Year plan for food, farming and fisheries expected shortly

 Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals rspca_logo_big

Brexit: an overview of animal welfare and the EU
Brexit: Farm animal welfare
Brexit: Replacing the CAP
Brexit: Opportunities for pet animal welfare

Animal Protection AgencyAPA logo

10 Point Plan for animal welfare as the United Kingdom exits from the European Union

National Office of Animal Health NOAH logo

EU exit policy statement

Brexit Barometer Report: Summer 2017

National Farmers Union nfu-logo

UK farming’s relationship with the EU
How farming can deliver for Britain post-Brexit


The role of the EU in funding UK research
The role of the EU in international research collaboration and researcher mobility
The role of EU regulation and policy in governing UK research

Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association PFMA logo

Brexit Manifesto and Annual Report 2017

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