Peers interview Defra Officials on the impact of Brexit on Animal Health and Welfare

In March 2017 the House of Lords EU Select Subcommittee on Energy and Environment interviewed Nigel Gibbens (UK Chief Veterinary Officer, Defra) and Pamela Thompson (Head of EU Exit Team for Animal & Plant Health, Defra) as part of their inquiry into the impacts of Brexit on Agriculture in the UK.

Under the Chairmanship of Lord Teverson (a Liberal Democrat Peer and former Member of the European Parliament) the committee, including Lord Trees, led a substantial and constructive discussion on the impacts of Brexit on Animal Health and Welfare.

The discussion included:

  1. Workforce issues including the degree to which our veterinary and agricultural sectors rely on the work of non-UK EU nationals
  2.  The extent to which animal health and animal welfare is regulated through EU law
  3. Particular challenges associated with the Great Repeal Bill for animal health and welfare regulations
  4. Future arrangements for surveillance, prevention and control of animal diseases in the UK
  5. The extent to which a new trading regime with the EU and third countries will impact on animal health and welfare

A video of the session is available here 

Follow this link for details about the full Brexit: agriculture inquiry including transcripts of oral evidence sessions.

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