Brexit and Veterinary Research

Lord Trees and the Parliamentary Intern have recently been very active in researching and speaking up on the potential impacts which Brexit may have on research and higher education.

Today, an article written by Lord Trees was published in the RCVS Knowledge website “Veterinary Evidence Online“. The article includes commentary on the impacts which Brexit may have on: the future availability of funding for research in the UK, the capacity for international collaboration, and the geographical movements of researchers and students.

The full article is freely available here

Since the UK referendum on EU membership in June this year, Lord Trees has submitted a written question and spoken in three debates in the House of Lords chamber concerning research and higher education. Links are available below:

Written question:
07/07/2016   Research: Finance

Oral contributions:
20/07/2016   Brexit: UK Universities
03/11/2016    Brexit: Impact on Universities and Scientific research
27/11/2016    Immigration: Overseas Students


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